OEM Data Delivery Tracks Rental Asset Shipping and Receiving

OEM Data Delivery, a division of OEM Controls, Inc., Shelton, Conn., recently introduced a rental asset management system that accurately and wirelessly tracks cranes, aerial lifts, telehandlers, and other high-value assets while increasing rental staff productivity.

As rental companies grow in size, company management increases its needs for detailed, accurate data to analyze, plan, and budget. Additionally, the rental yard staff requires rugged, fast, and portable data collection technology. OEM Data Delivery's rental asset management system was designed to meet these requirements.

OEM Data Delivery's rental asset management system centrally locates all assets, puts loads and trailers under dispatch control, identifies the disposition of assets, recognizes which components are with a particular unit, and improves staff productivity by reducing data collection time and manual searching. Components of the OEMDD system include a radio service tracker, barcode scanner/PDA, Rental Launch Pad software, a JobPOD, and web reports.

How the system works is the rental equipment installed with the radio service tracker drives a gate tower to identify that it is in the yard. The yard personnel thoroughly checks the equipment, performs inspections and repairs, tops off fluids, and determines the disposition through the rugged handheld PDA. The data is then downloaded via the JobPOD, encrypted, and transmitted to the OEM DataVault, which is a centralized, internet-accessible repository where management can read and analyze field data through a library of web-based reports.

OEM Data Delivery uses a consultative approach to every program for companies in construction, equipment rental, waste-handling, and other sectors to manage its critical assets for best-possible advantage.

For more information, visit www.oemdd.com.