Omme Lift Aerials Make Industry Splash

Omme Lift USA, one of the newest tracked and trailer-mounted aerial lift companies in North America, is currently trekking the trade show circuit, displaying last week at the Tree Care Industry Expo in Milwaukee, Wis., and this week at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo in Orlando, Fla. The Omme aerial lifts, which are imported by Tracked Lifts Inc., Syosset, N.Y., also will be at The Rental Show in March 2009.

According to Miroslaw (Mike) Hrycak, president of Omme Lift USA and Tracked Lifts Inc., the Omme lifts are relatively new to the United States, with the first machine being sold in 2007. The current lineup of Omme tracked and trailer-mounted lifts were developed in Denmark in 2004, but Omme has been producing smaller lifts since 1978, he said.

The Omme trailer-mounted telescopic aerial lift line includes three models, the 62-foot 2100 EBZ, the 76-foot 2500 EBZ, and the 89-foot 2900 EBZ, which have maximum side reaches of 36, 40, and 39 feet, respectively. Maximum platform capacity for each unit is 440 pounds, and turntable rotation is ±400°.

Featuring compact dimensions, the trailer-mounted units have transport widths of 5’5” and 6’9” transport heights. Lengths range from 23’6” to 29’5” for the individual machines. The outrigger spread is 13’7” for each unit. Total weight is 5,500 pounds for the 2100 EBZ, 6,732 for the 2500 EBZ, and 7,480 for the 2900 EBZ.

The trailer-mounted lifts are towable behind standard pickup trucks or large SUVs and deploy in seconds. The standard EBZ model is powered by heavy-duty battery pack (4 x 6V) that can be recharged from an 110V source while in use. A battery and Kubota diesel option (the EBDZ model) or battery and Kohler or Honda gasoline engine option (EBPZ) is also available.

Trailer-mounted machine options include self-propulsion, outrigger and self-propulsion controls in the platform on the 2500 and 2900 models, and a fiberglass platform insulated to 1,000 volts. Add-ons include an 110V generator, spotlight in the platform, heavy-duty nose wheel that is standard with the self-propulsion option, flashing beacon lights, custom colors, a transformer that allows continuous battery operation and fast battery recharge, an intercom, and increased battery capacity.

Omme’s tracked self-propelled telescopic aerial lifts have a rubber-tracked undercarriage, which allows the units to traverse soft, muddy terrain, hilly lawns, or delicate indoor surfaces. The series features three models, the 2200 RBD, the 2600 RBD, and the 3000 RBD, which have 76-, 88-, and 102-foot platform heights, respectively. Maximum side reach is 40 feet for the 2200 RBD and 41 feet for the 2600 RBD and 3000 RBD. Maximum platform capacity for each unit is 440 pounds, and turntable rotation is ±400°.

The Omme tracked units feature a hybrid power system, which includes a rechargeable 110V battery and a Kubota D722 diesel engine. Gradeability uphill is 35 percent, and cross hill gradeability is 30 percent for the 2200 RBD and 25 percent for the 2600 RBD and 3000 RBD.

For all tracked units, transport height is 6’7” and width is 3’8”. The transport lengths are 21’0” for the 2200 RBD, 23’7” for the 2600 RBD, and 26’3” for the 3000 RBD. Total weights for the units are 6,710, 7,975, and 8,305 pounds, respectively. The outrigger’s wide spread for each machine is 17’5” maximum/15’0” minimum, and the outrigger’s spread-narrow is 10’6” maximum/9’4” minimum.

A moveable jib is available as an option, allowing for increased versatility over and around obstacles when coupled with the 41° basket rotation. Other options include a wireless remote control track drive; white tracks, which are ideal for areas where floor scuff marks are not acceptable; and a 3’8” to 4’11” variable width undercarriage for increased stability when driving sideways over a sloped terrain. Machine add-ons also available are 1,000-volt fiberglass insulated basket, spotlight in the platform, intercom, flashing beacon lights on the boom and stabilizers, custom colors, increased battery capacity on the RBD units, a transformer, and a generator.

According to Hrycak, the Omme trailer and tracked units find uses in tree care, indoor/outdoor construction, and maintenance applications. “What differentiates us from other conventional wheeled telescopic lifts is our light weight, [which] allows transport by a pickup truck, van, or a heavy SUV, and ability to deploy on severe slopes of up to 40 percent,” he said. “What differentiates us from our competition offering similar types of equipment is a greater simplicity (which is synonymous with reliability), safety of design, and lower prices.”

For example, Omme lifts rely on live-hydraulic and electric-over-hydraulic systems, eliminating the complex computers, radio remotes, or other extensive solid state circuitry. “Our sensitive hydraulic components are hidden and protected from the impact of falling objects or contact with obstacles,” Hrycak said. “Prices for all of our equipment are consistently 10 percent to 35 percent lower than those of our competitors.”

Omme lifts are currently available in North America. Technical support, warranty work, and service are provided by Tracked Lifts’ in-house technicians and through U.S. service centers located in the Midwest and East Coast. More information can be found at


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