Omme Lift Introduces 3700 RBDJ Compact Lift


Next month at Bauma, Omme Lift will officially launch the 3700 RBDJ compact telescopic aerial lift. Mounted on a crawler chassis, the aerial lift features 121'5" platform height, a moveable jib, and 180° basket turn.

The diesel and battery bi-energy power pack allows the machine to work in indoor and outdoor environments. For outdoor operation, the 3700 RBDJ uses a Kubota diesel engine. When working indoors, the electronic motors are powered by eight high-capacity 400 Ah batteries. No extension cables linked to mains are needed when traveling indoors.

The rapid two-gear undercarriage allows for quick positioning, and it is possible to increase the driving speed by pressing “the turbo button” on the remote drive control box. This feature apply to both diesel and battery power. The seven-section boom system takes the operator to maximum height in 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

The new Omme Lift 3700 RBDJ is designed to traverse soft, muddy, or hilly terrain, but the crawler chassis also disperses the machine's weight widely when traveling on delicate surfaces like pavements, lawns, marble, or other similar flooring. Although the machine is generally used in connection with applications where high and extensive reach is required, it is also used where low weight is a necessity.

With its 40 percent setup ability, the 3700 RBDJ operates on levels where self-propelled booms are unfit to work due to too steep inclines or too big and heavy for the environment. Its compact dimensions allow the unit to access tight areas. The height is 6'6", and the length is 25'6". With the detachable 550-pound capacity basket removed, the length is reduced even further to 23'9". The 4'11" width can be retracted hydraulically to only 3'7".

In order to overcome obstacles during transit, the jib and main boom can be raised to allow more than 8'2" free clearance under the basket.

The official launch will be at the Bauma exhibition in Munich in April, although the machine will official launched next month, Omme Lift reports that orders have already been received from Australia, China, Germany, Holland, and Hong Kong.