Ommelift Helps Forestry Workers Tackle Unique Access Challenge | Equipment Application

Ommelift Helps Forestry Workers Tackle Unique Access Challenge | Equipment Application
Ommelift Helps Forestry Workers Tackle Unique Access Challenge | Equipment Application

An Ommelift 3700 RBDJ was recently utilized by T/M Lift to address a unique access challenge for forestry workers. Tonny Bang of T/M rented the machine from Danish rental company Ringsted Liftudlejning; the machine has the distinction of being the first 121-ft. crawler lift sold in Denmark.

In the fall, two foresters were tasked with harvesting 5,300 gallons of seed cones in just a fortnight, from six acres of giant fir trees. Almost 50 years old, the trees only produce cones on the top branches – and had grown to between 110 ft. and 130 ft. in height.

“The last time we had trees bearing seed cones in this area was five years ago,” said Tonny. “Unfortunately the trees had grown so tall, that the forest lifts we normally use for harvesting could no longer reach the cones. Giant firs bear cones only on the top whorls of the branches, so being able to reach the top is essential. In this situation, the 3700 RBDJ was our only option.”

The Ommelift 3700 RBDJ is designed to traverse soft or hilly terrain, as the crawler tracks disperse the machine's weight. It has a two-speed gearbox for efficient transit and the outriggers can be set up on slopes of up to 30%, making it ideal for operation on rugged ground. Elevation takes less than three minutes to extend the seven sections of the telescopic boom to full height.

The 3700 RBDJ has a 550-lb. safe working load. It has a maximum platform height of 121'5" and horizontal reach of up to 46 ft. The 130° fly-jib facilitates working up and over obstacles and the 82° basket rotation enables efficient operation in narrow and awkward places.

A native of North America, the Giant Fir is a fast-growing tree whose branches are primarily used for creating decorations such as Christmas wreaths. Seeds harvested from the cones are sold to nurseries for growing new plants. One sack of cones contains almost 16 gallons of cones, enough seeds to produce 10,000 new trees.

“Harvesting cones is piece work, so it is crucial that the lift is quick and easy to set-up correctly to avoid any disruption of the work,” added Tonny.

“With the delivery of type 3700 RBDJ we are now able to take on more special assignments,” said Morten Lynghoejen from Ringsted Liftudlejning. “Despite its extensive working height, the lift has incredibly compact dimensions. This also makes it able to meet the needs of our customers who need less reach, but still require compact stowed dimensions.”


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