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OTR Develops Telehandler Tire

OTR Develops Telehandler Tire

OTR Wheel Engineering has introduced a new telehandler tire, the OTR Lighting 370/78-28 tire, which is a non-directional tire that provides up to 20 percent more footprint than competing tires. This allows for exceptional wear and increased flotation in rough-terrain environments. Some other features of this flat tread profile include even wear, longer tread life, consistent traction over the life of the tire, and improved comfort for the operator


The OTR Lightning 370/75-28 tire is designed to replace a 13.00-24 or 15.5x25 tire sizes. This tire can provide an increased tire life up to three times over the sizes mentioned above in comparable conditions and application.


This 370/75-28 is a low-profile tire that has an air chamber that is 18 percent smaller than the standard telehandler tires. A major benefit is less polyurethane foam fill will be required, saving the equipment owner foam fill and tire-wheel assembly costs.

The OTR Lightning tire is a premium quality non-directional tire designed with a wide center rib resembling a lightning bolt to promote superior wear on hard surfaces. The Lightning also has stiff sidewalls, flat contact surface, wide shoulders and a durable rubber compound that provides longer life while operating on asphalt, concrete and gravel applications.   

Note that this tire requires a special 28x11 size wheel; however, this new wheel is a one-piece construction design that simplifies the whole tire-wheel combination.


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