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Parker Piston Pumps Offer Efficient Operation

New 18 and 28cc P1/PD Series piston pumps are now available from Parker Hannifin, Marysville, Ohio, the global leader in motion and control technologies. Design optimized for open-circuit applications, P1/PD pumps can enhance the performance of hydraulic fan drive systems, helping reduce fuel consumption and emissions output for off-highway vehicles.

EPA Tier 4 emissions standards for off-highway diesel engines are forcing engineers to develop new solutions for cooling construction, agricultural and industrial equipment. Hydraulic fan drive systems—an alternative to traditional belt-driven fans—have received increasing attention in recent years. The ability to control fan speed independent of engine speed provides significantly improved cooling efficiency and fuel economy.

P1/PD pumps are engineered for continuous, reliable, efficient operation at the higher temperatures and pressures at work in today’s emissions-compliant diesels. In a variable electro-hydraulically controlled fan system, a P1/PD pump can provide up to 5 percent fuel savings and reduce cooler size by up to 50 percent compared to a standard fixed displacement system.

Parker’s new 18 and 28cc displacement pumps are best suited for improving the performance of fan drive, steering, accessory and load sensing systems on construction and material handling equipment including telehandlers, cranes, excavators, and skid steers. Including 45, 60, 75, 100 and 140cc displacement models, the P1/PD Series is now complete with a variable, axial piston pump solution for a wide range of medium-duty mobile (P1) and industrial (PD) applications.

Besides fuel savings and emissions reductions, customers will appreciate the P1/PD pumps’ compact size, which allows considerable mounting flexibility. Their low noise output also helps companies comply with OSHA “Noise at Work” standards—particularly in industrial settings— while potentially reducing the expense of extra sound insulation for machines.

Worldwide, P1/PD pumps are used in a wide range of applications including concrete pumpers, oilfield power units, mining hauling trucks, horizontal drillers, marine bow thrusters, military transport vehicles, water jet cutters, plastic extrusion machines, head presses and injection molders, among many others.


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