Perkins Introduces 854 Series Compact Engine

Perkins Engines, Peterborough, United Kingdom, has completed its Tier 4 Interim / Stage IIIB product range with the introduction of the 845E, a new four-cylinder 3.4 liter engine. The engine is being developed under a new partnership with Fiat Powertrain Technologies and deploys state-of-the-art emissions control and aftertreatment.

In addition to the 1200 Series, recently unveiled at Intermat, and the existing 400 Series, the 854E completes Perkins’ product range of cleaner, compact diesel engines that meet Tier 4 Interim / Stage IIIB legislative requirements. Offering more power and torque from a smaller package, customers will now be able to move seamlessly through the power bands as the 854E produces 60 to 115 hp.

The 854E range benefits from a common rail fuel injection system, smart waste-gated turbocharger, and aftercooler, which are all regulated by full authority electronic controls. Starting in 2011, the engine, which develops a peak torque of up to 420Nm, will be available in the 2,200 to 2,500rpm speed range.

In keeping with all Perkins’ Tier 4 Interim / Stage IIIB product range, the 854E has been developed using extensive “voice of the customer” research. To meet these requirements, the range features a strong emphasis on power density, fuel consumption, and performance, giving OEMs choice and support if downsizing is desired.

“Customers will be really excited about the new 854E as it gives them greatly increased choice and flexibility in this highly competitive power range,” said Nigel Baseley, Perkins’ marketing director. “The increased torque, power density and performance of the 854E complements Perkins’ Tier 4 Interim / Stage IIIB product range, which we are confident will meet customers’ requirements. The power and performance provided by the new engine offering also supports downsizing which could help OEMs minimize the need for machine redesign in this cost sensitive climate.”


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