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Perkins to Launch Tier 4 Final Products at ConExpo

Perkins, Mossville, Ill., will launch its brand new generation of Tier 4 Final diesel engines at ConExpo 2011.

Alongside the new Tier 4 Final engines Perkins will use ConExpo 2011 to display its full Tier 4 Interim / Stage IIIB product line-up, including the 1206E-E70TTA and 1204E-E44TTA engines. The 1200 Series is a range of four- and six-cylinder engines that start at 88 hp (60kW) and top out at an impressive 300 hp (225kW), making them the ideal choice to power medium- to heavy-duty construction applications and mid-horsepower tractors in the agricultural sector.

With four engine models to choose from, the 1200 Series provides a variety of options for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) who want to increase the productivity of their machines while keeping cost of ownership down in the long term.

Perkins will also show for the first time the 854E-E34TA, launched at last year’s Bauma show. The 850 Series is a compact four-cylinder unit In two models which offer a choice from 60hp (45kW) to 115hp (86kW), making them the perfect fit for a host of medium-duty applications in the construction, industrial, and agricultural fields. With the trend toward downsizing machines, the increased power density of the 850 Series allows equipment manufacturers to select this engine where previously they may have used an engine of higher cubic capacity. This frees up valuable space to package the after-treatment unit and significant fuel economy improvements.

ConExpo 2011 will also be the first showing of Perkins’ new Tier 4 Interim / Stage IIIB compliant range of Industrial Open Power Units (IOPU), a turnkey power package comprising engine, after treatment, radiator, air cleaner and optional compressor. The 1204 IOPU features the 1204E-E44TTA, a 1.16-gallon (4.4-liter), four cylinder engines, with capabilities of producing up to 173.5 hp (129.4kW). The model’s air-to-air charge cooled engine provides extra power density and faster response in a compact package, and offers maximum productivity combined with low cost of operation and maintenance.

Perkins’ Tier 4 Interim / Stage IIIB range offers enormous flexibility. The overlap in power ranges means that there is choice at key power nodes, so depending on machine and application criteria, there is an engine that suits the OEM’s requirements.

Packaging the engine is easier thanks to increased power densities from smaller engines. OEMs can now call upon the required performance levels from more compact units, creating valuable space in the engine bay for the installation of after-treatment and benefiting fuel economy.

Machine integration has been at the heart of Perkins’ development program, meaning that OEMs need minimum or no machine redesign to install the new generation of diesel engines. It is out in the field where OEMs and operators will really see and experience the benefits of these engines. With big increases in power and torque across the board, improved transient response and reduced fuel consumption, OEM machines are set to become more productive, more dependable and more fuel efficient than ever before.


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