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Permalight Foam Bumpers Protect Personnel and Equipment

Permalight foam bumpers, from American Permalight, Inc., Torrance, Calif., help prevent employees from getting injured by bumping into protruding corners, obstacles, sharp edges and other objects that could lead to injury. These bright, daytime-visible bumpers, made of recyclable polyurethane foam, have an alerting daylight-color yellow with black contrast stripes. The bumpers also help prevent damages to expensive equipment and building interior.

To install, simply remove the protective silicone liner and press-apply the sturdy adhesive-backed bumpers to I-beam shelves, metal, walls, wood, equipment and other clean surfaces.

The 39-3/8-inch long bumpers come in eight different shapes for a multitude of uses. Additionally, black 2D and 3D corner end pieces are available, as are glow-in-the-dark bumpers.


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