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Philadelphia Scientific Introduces Enhancement to Charger Management System

Philadelphia Scientific, Montgomeryville, Pa., has introduced the Real-Time Monitor enhancement to its iBOS charger management system. The Real-Time Monitor helps battery room and warehouse managers use their pool of batteries most cost effectively by enabling them to use an on-site computer to continuously monitor battery selection activities.

Improper battery utilization is a common problem in today’s battery rooms. Site tests have shown that if battery selection is left to a forklift operator, 30 percent of the batteries will be underutilized and 20 percent will be overused. The result: uneven battery usage, premature battery failure, and lost productivity. iBOS ensures proper battery rotation by monitoring every battery in a pool and eliminating operator judgment in battery selection by determining which battery has had the longest cooling time since charging. Once charged, each battery is placed in queue. The iBOS “read and react” display then tells the operator which battery to take. An audible alarm called the Shouter alerts the operator when the wrong battery is taken.

With iBOS Real-Time Monitor, battery room managers can use an on-site computer to continuously monitor battery selection activities. The charger management system provides information in an easy-to-understand manner, signaling the manager when one of five alert conditions is triggered: low battery availability—alert triggers when battery availability falls below a pre-selected number; mispick—when an operator chooses the wrong battery or if the battery picked is still charging, short battery charge duration—when a battery takes less than three hours (or any duration the manager chooses) to charge which may indicate a low capacity battery or that an operator is returning a battery for recharging too soon, charger fails to start— when a charger does not turn on when a battery is connected sometimes due to an over-discharged battery, and insufficient cool down time— when a battery is picked before a pre-selected length of cool down time, potentially reducing the life of the battery.

According to Harold Vanasse, vice president of sales and marketing, “Using the iBOS charger management system promotes longer battery run time and life, improves operator productivity, identifies faulty equipment and helps managers decide if there are too many or too few batteries in a pool. The new Real-Time Monitor continuously feeds managers the information they need to accurately monitor battery selection. Combined, the iBOS with Real-Time Monitor represent thousands—even tens of thousands— of dollars in potential savings for the average battery room.”


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