Philadelphia Scientific Introduces New, Improved Water Injector Spider System

Philadelphia Scientific, Montgomeryville Pa., has introduced a new, improved Water Injector Spider system for watering industrial batteries of any size. The system is ideal for self installation applications, particularly on small batteries, such as 5- and 7-plate batteries, where traditional single point watering systems are hard to fit.

The enhanced system features new push-fit tubing ports. Each cell of the battery receives its own individual Spider valve, which is connected to a central manifold with small-diameter tubing. At 0.85 inches high, the valves are low profile and take up less room. The system’s tubing is crush- and kink-resistant, allowing the system to be placed in tight spaces while minimizing damage to the system. The Water Injector technology is employed for each valve, ensuring a high-speed fill rate of 15 seconds per battery and providing highly reliable performance even in the toughest conditions such as a rapid charging and opportunity charging applications.

The central filling manifold allows for extreme flexibility when installing the system on a battery. The manifold can be tied down to the inter-cell connector for a secure attachment.


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