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Point of Rental Systems Celebrates 30 Years | Daily Construction News

2013 marks the 30th anniversary of Point-of-Rental, which got its start in 1983 as a division of Overland Rentals Inc., an equipment rental store opened a year earlier by former NASA software engineers that ventured into entrepreneurship. Shortly after opening the store, it became clear that rental management software would dramatically improve productivity. Noting that many of the computer languages used at NASA could be used for writing rental software, Point-of-Rental Software was developed.

Bob Shaffer, retired company founder, said: “The first edition of Point-of-Rental Software printed rental/sale contracts, controlled inventory, stored reservations and maintained accounts receivable. It was a huge improvement over doing everything manually. But, it was nothing compared to the current version, which is a 100% Microsoft Windows Server product with features and options, such as dispatching using GPS, integrated credit card processing, dashboards, purchase orders, and integrated website hosting.”


To assure they remain aleader in rental management software, Point-of-Rental makes yearly updates and enhancements in order to keep businesses on the cutting edge.


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