Positech Introduces the Vertical Rail Lifter

Positech Corporation, Laurens, Iowa, manufacturer of material handling equipment, recently announced the introduction of its new Vertical Rail Lifter, under the Positech brand name. The Vertical Rail Lifter consists of a rigid vertical beam with moving rollers, which create a stable lifting platform and eliminates swinging of a cable or chain.

The device offers a lift capacity of 400 pounds along with a vertical lift range of up to 100 inches. It can be used as an ergonomic lift assist to reach in, under, and around obstacles, and is designed to solve a variety of applications, including roll handling. A low-maintenance industrial manipulator, it does not require an air lubricator, and is pneumatically operated requiring only 90 pounds per square inch of clean dry air.

The Vertical Rail Lifter can be mounted on either an overhead platform trolley or on a Positech Articulated Jib Boom. It has many available options, including main post brakes, bridge brakes, and trolley platform brakes. It comes standard with 360° main post rotation. Customized end-effectors, operator controls and specialized pneumatic circuitry are available to meet application requirements.