Powered Access Manufacturer MEC Raises Capacity of Crossover 4069ERT Access Platform | Daily Construction News


Access platform manufacturer MEC, Kerman, Calif., has increased the platform capacity of its newly introduced Crossover 4069ERT scissor lift by 100 lbs.


In final testing, the new battery-powered scissor lift, designed to work both on rough terrain and finished slabs, surpassed expectations. As a result, MEC has boosted its platform capacity from 800 lbs. to 900 lbs.


Originally, the Crossover 4069ERT was rated at 800-lb. total capacity, which could be either 800 lbs. on the platform, or up to 300 lbs. in the integral material rack plus up to 500 lbs. on the platform. With the new capacity increase, the totals are 900 lbs. on the platform, or 300 lbs. in the material rack plus 600 lbs. on the platform.


MEC announced the upgraded capacity during The Rental Show last week in Las Vegas.


In addition to the MEC designed, approved, and installed material rack mounted to the side of the Crossover 4069ERT’s platform, the platform is equipped with a swinging section of guardrail that can be opened to accommodate long sheet of material.


At The Rental Show, MEC regional sales manager Steve Gooding demonstrated how the swinging section of guardrail can be opened easily by removing two pins.