Product Review: MEC Crossover 2659ERT Scissor Lift

The Crossover 2659ERT (and its taller sibling, the 3259ERT) scissor lift from powered access equipment manufacturer MEC Aerial Work Platform is the company's way of bringing the benefits of on-slab electric scissor lifts to the rough-terrain scissor lift market.

MEC's electrically powered Crossover RT scissor lifts have a combination of compactness, power, and maneuverability that let them work an entire project from start to finish. The Crossover 2659ERT scissor lift delivers 26-ft. access platform height, 1,000-lb. maximum powered access capacity, and drive-at-full height capability in an exhaust-free scissor lift that measures just 8'9" long by 59 in. wide and has an inside turning radius of 4'11".


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