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Programmable Dual-Axis Tilt Switch from The Fredericks Company

The Fredericks Company has expanded its line of tilt switches with a new programmable dual axis tilt switch for level measurement of construction equipment. The 0729-1763-XX uses Fredericks’ TrueTilt sensors and four adjustable output relays. 

The 0729-1763-XX is built for industrial positioning and angle switching applications, and it maintains high accuracy, resolution, and repeatability specifications. The design includes a robust plastic or metal casing for durability and environmental endurance.

In addition to its robust design and simple setup, 0729-1763-XX boasts low power consumption and minimal drift over the product’s lifetime, especially when compared to MEMS based technology. The Fredericks Company’s tilt measurement line consists entirely of products manufactured in the United States. Like all Fredericks solutions, this new unit has no planned obsolescence and is easy to integrate with other products and systems to serve a wide variety of industries.


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