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QT Equipment Unveils Lube Trailer

QT Equipment, Akron, Ohio, unveils its new Lube Trailer, which can reduce costs and improve flexibility for companies that perform lube services in the field. The Lube Trailer is designed to provide services similar to a traditional lube truck at a fraction of the lifetime cost.

“We are always trying to help our customers come up with ways to improve their operations,” said Robert Allee, general manager at QT, a single-line distributor for Iowa Mold Tooling. “Winter is typically a good time for service managers at heavy equipment dealers and construction companies to scout out new products that will make their service fleets better. Our new Lube Trailer certainly fits the bill.”

The lube equipment is mounted onto a trailer. Typically, traditional lube units mount this equipment on a chassis. Trailer-mounted lube equipment enables service fleets to significantly reduce costs by avoiding the expenses that come with having a separate lube truck, such as chassis maintenance, fuel, an extra driver and insurance. It also means a significantly reduced initial investment.

The QT Lube Trailer can deliver several fluids to the jobsite, including new oil products, salvage and grease. The unit also features locking storage compartments and can carry items such as work lights or an air compressor. The Lube Trailer is self-powered, meaning it can work behind most service trucks or as a stand-alone unit on the jobsite, and it can be pulled by any truck 1 ton or larger with a simple ball or pintle hitch.

“We have Lube Trailers in stock and ready to go, and these days, most customers have little patience for long lead times,” Allee said. “We also have all Lube Trailer components in stock, so most custom units can be built in about two weeks.”

In addition to its cost savings and flexibility, the QT Lube Trailer offers other customer benefits. The product tanks are made of polyethylene, which is 80 percent lighter than steel. Other advantages of poly tanks include cleaner fluid storage, UV resistance, easier tank replacement and contamination control. The tanks, which can be heated for cold applications, come with a five-year warranty and can be configured with 75, 135, 190, 250 and 350 gallon sizes. Customers can also add a steel tank for carrying diesel fuel depending on local regulations.

Detailed specifications and photos of current in-stock units can be found at



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