Remote Dynamics Announces Completion of REDIview Service

Remote Dynamics, Plano, Texas, a leading provider of GPS vehicle tracking solutions for commercial fleets, heavy equipment, and assets, recently announced the REDIview Crane and Hoist Service to complement its existing fleet management offerings.

REDIview is used by hundreds of service, construction and equipment rental companies for real-time vehicle tracking, maintenance management, and security monitoring. A wide array of vehicles and large and small construction equipment are currently being managed by REDIview.

Now, REDIview offers a new hardware platform designed specifically for owners of mobile cranes, tower cranes, and construction hoists. This new platform interfaces with Remote Dynamics' new REDIview 2.0 software allowing users of the system to manage their service vehicles and construction assets from one application. While newly announced, Remote Dynamics has been operating on various cranes and hoists for well over a year, gaining insight into how to best service this customer base. With the introduction of new asset types in REDIview 2.0, the service is now being offered to the entire market.

“We are excited to be serving the crane and hoist industry as the need for accurate information across a variety of equipment is a necessity,” said Gary Hallgren, CEO of Remote Dynamics. “These companies have expensive assets and large service teams scattered across the country and abroad. REDIview is the perfect tool to manage usage, maintenance, and key operating parameters all from one system.”

REDIview is currently operating on most major crane and hoist models. For more information, visit


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