Debuts Price Comparison Website for Rental Industry, Los Angeles, Calif., has launched as the first website to offer live, local rate comparisons for the equipment rental industry, aiming to transform how customers search, compare, and rent equipment from competing vendors in their area. is the brainchild of equipment industry veterans and co-founders Robert Gray and Mark Richter. After spending many years in the equipment rental industry, it was clear there had to be a better way of doing business. With support from equipment vendors, was born.

The website allows rental companies to list equipment for each individual branch location and manage rates for that equipment in any city it serves. This allows each branch true fleet and rental rate management in real-time, ultimately boosting bottom line profits. Much like travel websites such as Expedia and Travelocity, centralizes the rental process in an easy-to-use interface known as HawkWatch. HawkWatch allows users to search for a specific rental item, a description of the item, as well as the exact location of the item. Equipment vendors now have an outlet to display their entire inventory, complete with pricing, location and availability.

Using this info, creates a competitive marketplace that can benefit both the consumer and vendor. Consumers are not only able to search and sort equipment rental companies by location and price, but see past-customer ratings on each vendor as well. Using “The Talon Rating System” consumers can determine if a vendor is trustworthy and priced appropriately.

The consumer is also able to rent equipment directly from the rental company via RentalHawk’s website. All billing and contact information is accurate and the consumer is guaranteed to receive the rate displayed by each listed vendor at the time of order. With the launch of comes a revolutionary process that will save both time and money for all parties.

“When we explain the concept of to equipment rental industry insiders, their eyes light up,” said Robert Gray, co-founder of “No one could believe that this sort of service didn’t exist, that is, until now.”