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Rexroth's New Motor is 26% Shorter than Previous Model | Construction News

Rexroth's New Motor is 26% Shorter than Previous Model | Construction News

Rexroth's new A2FM 70-series bent-axis hydraulic motors are up to 26% shorter and 38% lighter than the company's 61-series models, yet deliver the high power needed by mobile construction equipment.

In introducing the new 70-series hydraulic motors, Rexroth has also added two more pressure levels, so the series now covers pressures to 500 bar (7,252 psi). 

The much smaller dimensions of the new Rexroth axial piston motors with a 40° bent axis have been achieved by optimizing the design of the rotary unit and using an integrated flushing and boost-pressure valve.

Depending on the model, the series-70 motors are up to 26% shorter than series-61 units, and up to 38% lighter. For instance, the weight of the size 107 with a pressure range of 300/350 bar (4,351/5,076 psi) drops from about 32 kg (71 lbs.) to about 20 kg (44 lbs.).

The 70 series, developed to complement Rexroth's successful medium-pressure pumps, has additional pressure levels to expand the range of application for the A2FM hydraulic motors. In addition to the maximum pressure of 450 bar (6,527 psi) provided by the previous series, variants with maximum pressures of 350 and 500 bar (5,076 and 7,252 psi) are now also available.

Thanks to three different pressure levels, the A2FM is suited for cost-sensitive applications with lower pressure demands as well as for heavy-duty applications that demand higher pressure.

Three sizes, with displacements of 80, 90, and 107 cc (4.9, 5.5, and 6.5 cu. in.), are suited to a wide range of tasks in mobile working machines.

Like the successful A2FM 61 series, the new fixed motors feature a high starting efficiency and are designed for speeds of to 5,000 rpm. They can be used in both open and closed circuits. 

The motors can drive winches in mobile cranes, drums in concrete mixers, or vibration drives in road rollers. They are also suited for use in drilling equipment and rolling mills.

Rexroth also combines the new motors with axial piston pumps to create ready-to-install, compact hydrostatic travel drives for use in snow groomers and combine harvesters, for example.


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