Riley Links Up with AWPT

Gary Riley, head of Aerial Platform & Telehandler Training, St. Louis, Mo., has joined Schenectady, N.Y.-based Aerial Work Platform Training Inc.’s membership development team. According to Tony Groat, executive director of AWPT, the North American training arm of the International Powered Access Federation, Riley is working part time to help build IPAF association membership and further develop AWPT training centers. Riley also runs his own training company, which is an IPAF member and an AWPT training center. Groat says Aerial Platform & Telehandler Training complements the association's efforts through Riley's own independent training company and his prior work knowledge and experience as an AWP mechanic.

One of the core services of IPAF membership is administration of its ISO-certified training courses, which can be delivered by members only. In North America, this training is overseen by AWPT, a fully owned subsidiary of IPAF. AWPT does not deliver any training; it only oversees the training program. AWPT is involved with issues of training in North America, whereas IPAF is involved with all aspects of powered access safe use and promotion worldwide. IPAF is a members association, while AWPT includes only IPAF members who elect to become an approved training center that delivers the AWPT training programs.

In addition to drumming up new IPAF members and AWPT Training Centers, plus following up with current affiliates, Riley is asking members and the industry what they believe constitutes appropriate aerial work platform training. This is “something the association wants the market to address so AWPT training is consistent with what is demanded,” Groat said.

Groat says AWPT also offers its members networking opportunities and assists in developing and translating regulations and standards. It also promotes the safe use of powered access equipment, such as promoting the Click-It! program, and brings clarity on safe use practices like when to appropriately use fall protection, which was the subject of a recently released Technical Guidance Note from AWPT.


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