RMI Advantage Solution Now Compatible with Tablets

RMI Corp., Avon, Conn., announced that their Advantage solution is now compatible with tablet computers and additional mobile devices. 

The announcement serves to add the Apple iPad to the list of devices supported by Advantage and RMI’s Help Desk Institute Certified Client Services team. The tablet compatibility service took effect last week for all Advantage Cloud customers, providing even more value to the product with no additional cost.  This enhancement enables customers to log into their Advantage account from virtually any mobile device, offering users the opportunity to work from absolutely anywhere with access to all the same resources they have at their desk.

“At RMI, we are proud to extend our application’s compatibility to touch devices, such as the iPad,” said David G. Richards, vice president of client services. “However, we realize that not everyone is an iPad user, so, as excited as we are about this update we’re not nearly done advancing our mobile features. Our intention is to further extend the list of compatible devices throughout this year. With a track record for delivering improvements without adding cost, it is clear that our customers come to us for our product and services, but they stay because our product continuously grows in value without growing in price.”

Some of the accessible features include RMI Advantage Classic; RMI Advantage Role Centers; Microsoft Outlook; Microsoft Office; Adobe Acrobat; and Microsoft Business Online Productivity Suite (BPOS soon to become Office 365).


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