RMI Offers Automatic Sales Tax Updates


RMI Corp., Avon, Conn. has partnered with CCH to deliver sales tax rates automatically to RMI Advantage Cloud customers. This new partnership allows Advantage customers in the United States and Canada to receive automatically updated sales tax tables, reducing the time needed for manual updates.

Sales tax regulations differ across taxing jurisdictions and are modified in one region or another nearly every month.  Businesses with nexus in multiple states, jurisdictions with complex rate structures, or regions with frequent changes commonly find the task of managing sales tax rates to be especially challenging.

“RMI understands that managing sales tax is a complex task, one that is a business obligation rather than a strategic initiative to grow the business,” said David G. Richards, vice president of client services.  “This partnership with CCH is built on our mutual dedication to delivering the tools for accurate and timely sales tax reporting. Monthly sales tax updates from a renowned sales tax leader is yet another benefit that the Advantage Cloud package delivers to our customers.”

RMI is including this service as a standard part of their Advantage Cloud offering.  Customers currently operating in the Advantage Cloud were to begin receiving this service Sept. 1 with no change to their subscription fees.