Runnion Distributes Palfinger Crayler Forklifts

Runnion Equipment, Lyons, Ill., now offers the complete line of Palfinger Crayler forklifts. This includes six models of truck-mounted forklifts, which can be loaded and unloaded from the back of a truck in less than a minute. Runnions also provides parts and service for the forklifts, as well as a wide selection of models for rent.

”We are proud to be a distributor of the Palfinger Crayler forklifts,” says Pat Runnion, president of Runnion Equipment. ”These forklifts are known for their high level of performance. They join our line-up of top quality brands.”

The Palfinger Crayler forklifts are designed to be easy to transport, and they are lightweight, putting less stress on the truck or trailer that is carrying them. They have forward wheel mount support pads to take pressure off the forks, which minimizes bounce and ensures a smooth ride.

Ideal for rough terrain applications and in tight spaces, the forklifts are versatile for any type of work, such as delivering brick, block, lumber, and wallboard. The location of the seat provides excellent views of the center of the load.