SAF-T Conference Takes Shape as a Webinar

Maximum Capacity Media’s SAF-T Conference will enter the digital realm this year, as the company announces it will hold the event as a webinar 10 a.m. EST on Thurs., Dec. 10. The conference’s agenda will continue to focus on its principle goals of clarifying industry expectations, promoting professional communication, and stimulating discussion to further aerial work platform safety development.

Previously billed as a regional event, the SAF-T Conference webinar will reach a broader national audience this year. Sponsors for the event include Skyjack, Aerial Work Platform Training Inc., and Ives Training Group.

As always, the SAF-T Conference will be packed with thought-provoking topics, ranging from operator training to machine maintenance and modifications to fall protection. Tentative presentations for the webinar include:

  • Aerial Work Platform Operator Training: What is appropriate instruction as prescribed in the ANSI A92 standards? How do equipment owners or users/renters know if they are complying with these responsibilities?
  • Training Liability Issues: If an aerial work platform operator is injured after instruction, what is the safety trainer’s level of liability? Does his current insurance cover this potential danger?
  • Responsibilities at the Sale: With a larger number of equipment currently being sold at auction, how does the owner comply with ANSI’s requirements to deliver the proper documents and manuals? Who is responsible: the owner or the auction company?
  • Raising the Bar for AWP Users and Owners: What responsibilities do aerial work platform owners and users have? This session provides a general overview of key responsibilities and resources available to comply with current ANSI and industry standards.
  • Familiarization: What is appropriate training, and how does familiarization differ from training? What does the requirement for familiarization on each model or specific machine really mean?
  • Machine Maintenance: What does it mean to properly maintain (not repair) equipment? What are the requirements for daily pre-start inspections (per the manufacturer's recommendations), frequent and annual inspections, and workplace inspections?
  • Machine Modifications: Improper and unsafe modifications are being made to AWPs without manufacturer approval. What are, if any, appropriate modifications, and what are the proper steps to be taken when considering any modifications?
  • Replacement Parts: What does the term “equivalent” really mean as prescribed by the ANSI standards. This session discusses when and if it is appropriate to utilize off-the-shelf or aftermarket parts.
  • ANSI Compliance for Managers: As stated in the ANSI standard, users “shall monitor their performance, and supervise their work to ensure the use, application, and operation in conformance with the standard, warn personnel of the hazards, provide a means to protect against, and explain consequences." Is your manager knowledgeable enough to monitor and ensure compliance with this requirement?

Register today for the SAF-T Conference. Discounts are available for MHIA, AEMP, ARA, and SIA members.


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