Safety Seal Offers Tire Repair Kits

Safety Seal Tubeless tire repair kits include everything to make permanent repairs to most flats caused by nails or other objects up to ¼ inch. Safety Seal repair is made of multi-ply nylon yarn that is impregnated with a super sealing rubber chemical compound, then twisted into a 400-pound tensile strength repair. A user simply inserts the repair into the puncture using a T-handle metal tool with a split eye needle to create a permanent self-vulcanizing permanent repair that seals the injury from tread to inner liner, Safety Seal creates a perfect seal at the critical inner liner and outlasts the tire.

The Deluxe Truck Tire Repair Kit contains 30 8-inch permanent repairs, metal T-handle insertion tool, metal T-handle spiral probe, special lube, extra insertion needle, cutting blades, allen wrench and instructions, packed in a sturdy permanent carrying case that can fit under the seat of a truck.

The company also offers a liquid patch tire repair system, which includes 60 4-inch permanent repairs, prep and primer, liquid patch and a metal T-handle insertion tool and spiral probe tool with lube.

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