Safetyworks Lift Truck Demo Now Available for Download

Etcetera Edutainment, Pittsburgh, Pa., announces the availability of a free, downloadable demo of the National Safety Council’s Safetyworks Lift Truck at The demo includes one fully functioning forklift driving and operations lesson to give users hands-on experience for a real test-drive.

NSC Safetyworks Lift Truck uses videogame technology and instructional design techniques to deliver a virtual driving and loading simulation for forklift operators at all experience levels. It is the product of collaboration between Etcetera Edutainment and the National Safety Council and is based on OSHA standards and best practices for forklift safety.

The task-based game features objectives-driven lessons, including forklift selection, forklift inspection, basic operation, advanced driving, and advanced loads. The lessons include a tutorial for practicing controls for driving, loading and unloading, and a series of safety and driving lessons followed by a final exam and certificate for qualifying scores.

The full version of NSC Safetyworks Lift Truck for Windows-based PC can be purchased through the National Safety Council’s website,, and is available in a range of packages suitable for as few as one to three trainees or up to an enterprise license suitable for a large organization with multiple sites.

Minimum system requirements to run the demo include a PC with 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (or equivalent) running Windows XP SP2, 1 GB of RAM, 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 6800 (or equivalent), 500 MB of free hard drive space, CD-ROM drive, keyboard and mouse. Additionally, a Logitech MOMO racing force feedback wheel can be used for an enhanced driving experience.