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Sauer-Danfoss Gear Motors Tackle Upcoming Emission Challenges

Lincolnshire, Ill.-based Sauer-Danfoss has introduced its Group 2 and Group 3 Series fan drive gear motors to meet the machine cooling needs of demanding off-highway applications. Based on proven Sauer-Danfoss high performance gear motors, the new SGM2Y and SGM3Y motors offer a number of enhancements including a cast-iron rear cover on the aluminum housing to handle higher pressure and durability requirements. A new electrohydraulic proportional relief valve, integrated into the cast-iron rear cover, provides consistent machine performance over the entire operating temperature range, with more uniform performance over the lifetime of the product. The variable speed, proportional fan control results in more efficient cooling on demand and better fuel economy.

“The introduction of Tier IV and Stage III B regulations requires emission reductions and the employment of technologies that will reduce net vehicle power output by about 5 to 10 percent, with heat rejected into the environment up by 10 to 30 percent,” said Jeff Brenner, product portfolio manager. “The outcome is engine and transmission oil temperatures will run at significantly higher levels. Adjustments are essential to compensate for both loss of available horsepower and higher engine and transmission oil operating temperatures. SGM2Y and SGM3Y motors can handle increasing engine and transmission oil temperatures by adjusting to both the higher heat loads and a wide range of severe duty operating conditions.”

The fan drive gear motors are available in two frame sizes with the following displacements: SGM2Y – 8.4 to 25.2 cc, SGM3Y – 22.1 to 44.1 cc. Rated pressure is up to 3,625 psi with peak pressure up to 3,915 psi. A broad range of configurations are available, with multiple flange and shaft options to meet widely varying machine requirements. In addition, Sauer-Danfoss provides gear pumps, piston pumps, sensors, PLUS+1 microcontrollers, standard fan drive software and the application experience to equip any off-road fan drive system.

“Our fan drive motors, and complete systems, must consistently perform in hot, dusty environments,” Brenner added. “Engine emission requirements serve to magnify tough operating conditions for customer machines such as skid steer loaders, fork lift trucks, telehandlers, mini-excavators, wheel loaders, road rollers and pavers. Overall, the design features in these products speak to higher pressure capability, durability, design flexibility and efficiency.”

Durability of this product is enhanced by a number of features. These include an integrated shaft seal protector, further safeguarding against dust and ensuring reliable operation, and high temperature seals that handle intermittent temperatures up to 230°F and down to -4°F. The cast-iron rear cover adds durability as well as higher pressure capability, and the EH proportional relief valve maintains consistent performance throughout machine life. Finally, operator comfort gets a boost from reduced noise level due to improved gear teeth machining.


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