Sauer-Danfoss Updates Plus+1 Software, Introduces New Controller


Sauer-Danfoss, Ames, Iowa, has introduced two mobile machine management solutions—the updated PLUS+1TM Compliant Engine Information Center (EIC) software and new PLUS+1 Extended Memory Controllers—to help OEMs reduce vehicle development costs and accelerate time to market.


Updated EIC software offers mobile off-highway equipment OEMs new monitoring support for Tier 4-emissions-compliant engines. It comes preloaded on all keyed variants of the PLUS+1 DP200 and DP250 graphical terminals. EIC software enables the customization of engine monitoring displays, allowing terminal users to easily navigate through diagnostic information and configuration screens using four soft keys located on the front panel.


New EIC options support engines that meet Tier 4 emissions requirements. Updates include:

  • The ability to manually initiate or inhibit regeneration of the diesel particulate filter using new buttons on the menu bar.
  • New soot and ash percentage gauges.
  • An LED warning for high exhaust system temperature.


“Technologies implemented to meet Tier 4 emissions regulations require expanded engine monitoring capabilities,” said Rick Hicks, product application engineer at Sauer-Danfoss. “Sauer-Danfoss Engine Information Center software operating on one of our high-quality graphical displays offers OEMs powerful, flexible Tier 4 support in a plug-and-perform solution that reduces programming requirements.”


General EIC display options include:

•           Color or monochrome variants.

•           Two-, three- or four-gauge display per page.

•           Up to four pages of information.

•           Gauge information that is configurable from more than 50 signals, including rpm, engine hours, coolant temperatures, oil temperatures, oil pressure, fuel level and fuel consumption.


Standard J1939 DM1 error messages are automatically displayed in user-understandable terms and logged in a fault history for easy retrieval.


The Sauer-Danfoss Extended Memory Controllers provide expanded memory and storage capabilities compared to standard MC Controllers. Sauer-Danfoss offers four Extended Memory Controller models that are pin-for-pin compatible with equivalent MC controllers: MC024-018 (24-pin), MC038-018 (38-pin), MC050-018 (50-pin) and MC050-028 (50-pin). Pin compatibility makes it easy to port existing applications over to Extended Memory Controllers without wiring harness changes.


OEM customers will benefit from four main features of Extended Memory Controllers, which are user-programmable with PLUS+1 GUIDE (graphical user integrated development environment):

  • Larger memory capacity. The 24- and 38-pin Extended Memory Controller models provide 256 KB of flash memory — double the memory of their equivalent standard MC Controllers. The extra program memory allows space for larger, more sophisticated applications and additional expansion modules. The 50-pin Extended Memory Controller models also have 256 KB of flash memory.
  • FRAM non-volatile memory. Standard MC Controllers utilize EEPROM non-volatile memory for parameter and data storage. While EEPROM limits applications to 1 million read/writes to non-volatile memory, FRAM allows an unlimited amount of read/writes, which enable users to store data as frequently as necessary. FRAM is ideal for applications such as storing positioning data, hour meters, time at level, data logging and position control.
  • Application key. This feature enables users to run any of the Sauer-Danfoss-developed subsystem applications, including complete hydrostatic transmission and work function control system solutions. By providing access to complete subsystem applications, the application key gets applications up and running — and to market — faster. It also can significantly reduce the engineering investment required. Examples of available programs include anti-spin control, automotive on PLUS+1, fan drive and generic dual path.
  • Application Data Logging. While Standard MC Controllers do not have serial flash/vault memory, Extended Memory Controllers feature 2 MB of serial flash/vault memory and offer a choice of files that are circular (continues to write data in a loop) or linear (only records until the memory is full and stops). This allows the application to automatically write data to this memory—beneficial for storing data such as machine performance or troubleshooting data, the amount of material dispensed and actual work hours. Data can later be extracted from memory using the PLUS+1 Service Tool.


Extended Memory Controllers are equally suited for use as members of a distributed machine control system, with intelligence in every node, or as standalone controllers.


“Sauer-Danfoss Extended Memory Controllers provide powerful, flexible solutions to meet the unique memory needs of our OEM customers,” Hicks said. “Increased space and storage, unlimited read/writes and the application key feature build on the benefits of standard MC Controllers, speeding time to market while reducing vehicle development costs.”