SC&RA Releases Safety First! Video

The Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) this month introduces “Safety First! A Team Effort (Series 3)”, a video with three separate training sessions ranging from four to six minutes. The video, created by SC&RA in cooperation with the Construction Safety Council, features three programs: Aerial Work Platforms, Suspended Work Platforms and Hazard Communication.

Aerial Work Platforms examines ways to use both the scissor lift and the articulating boom lift with maximum productivity through sufficient operator training, thorough inspection of the equipment and work environment, and careful operation. This session discusses manufacturers' guidelines regarding load distribution, travel speed, acceptable slopes in the travel path, as well as fall protection devices and personal protective equipment.

Suspended Work Platforms explains how to use these devices safely where conventional means of accessing work • such as scaffolds, ladder or aerial lifts • is either not possible or would be more hazardous. In addition to reviewing when not to use the platforms, the session examines how to inspect the crane, basket, rigging system, and area of the lifting operation and then ensuring employees use the equipment properly.

Hazard Communication discusses steps the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires of employers concerning the development and maintenance of a written program for employees who might be exposed to hazardous chemicals during the course of their work. The session details OSHA requirements for its four classes of hazardous chemicals: flammable/combustible, corrosive, reactive and toxic.

The Safety First! (Series 3) video will be available December 2007 in DVD format at $129 for SC&RA members and $159 for non-members. Additionally, it comes in VHS format at $99 for members and $129 for non-members.

Also available at the same price are the previous two videos in the series. “Safety First! (Series 1)” includes separate sessions on Ladder Safety, Personal Protective Equipment, and Personal Fall Arrest Systems. “Safety First! (Series 2)” includes separate sessions on Working Safely with Liquid Propane Gas, Housekeeping, Back Injury Prevention, and Fire Watch Safety Programs (bonus topic). Printed supervisor hints are included with each series.

To order, call SC&RA at (703) 698-0291 or visit the store online at


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