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Sevcon Looks to Grow in Global Markets with New DC Motor Controller | Powered Access

Sevcon has released a new electric motor controller (inverter) that is a  DC variant of Sevcon's Gen4 product. The Gen4 DC can be specified in a range of sizes to suit a wide variety of applications.

The new DC product is suitable for a range of vehicles, from electric scooters and neighborhood electric vehicles to forklift trucks and aerial work platforms. Although there has been limited success in the global growth of high-cost, full-size electric vehicles to compete with existing passenger cars, there has been far greater success for lower cost electric vehicles, with six-figure production numbers in markets such as China.

Matt Boyle, president and chief executive of Gateshead-based Sevcon, said: "The new high-tech, low-cost DC controller extends the competitiveness of the Gen4 range into new markets, building on the global success of the AC variant. The Gen4 DC provides the perfect cost-competitive solution for a range of applications and our global sales presence means that we will be able to provide vehicle manufacturers all around the world with the product that is right for them. As the growth in electrified vehicles continues, Sevcon stands ready to serve any customer's requirements in all global markets."

The Gen4 DC controller can provide both traction and pump control for various motors, including separately excited motors and permanent magnet brushed motors. The controller can also offer precise torque and speed control over the motor, as well as battery current regeneration in most configurations. The Gen4 DC also features a CANopen bus that allows easy interconnection of controllers and devices such as displays and driver controls. Inputs and outputs can be wired to any node on the vehicle and accessed from any controller over the network.

The Gen4 DC Size 4 weighs just 4.4 lbs. and is available with operating voltages of 36/48V and 60/72V and with peak current of 400A or 550A. All types of motor are driven via four-quadrant armature control, resulting in immediate delivery of motor torque. Armature boost current ranges from 480A to 650A and armature continuous current ranges from 150A to 170A.


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