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Shelby Erectors Becomes Training Site for Reinforcing-Ironworkers | Construction News

Shelby Erectors Becomes Training Site for Reinforcing-Ironworkers | Construction News
Shelby Erectors Becomes Training Site for Reinforcing-Ironworkers | Construction News

Shelby Erectors Inc., Davie, Fla., has joined the SEAA/NCCER Ironworker Craft Training Program.

Shelby recently completed training to become authorized to train and assess reinforcing ironworkers.

The Steel Erectors Association of America (SEAA) is partnering with NCCER is creating a network of Ironworker training units and assessment sites around the country. “This program is intended to make high-quality ironworker training available to a wider marketplace,” said Tim Eldridge, craft training and assessment coordinator for SEAA and president of Education Services Unlimited.

Skill training benefits SEAA members directly by raising the knowledge and skill level of their employees, and also benefits the construction market overall by providing an entry point for new workers.

NCCER’s 2015 Construction Craft Salary Survey indicates that ironworkers earn more than $57,000 annually, while crane operators, riggers, and related crafts also earn competitive wages. “Potential income, training, and job opportunity all go hand-in-hand in attracting a new generation to this field,” said Tom Underhill, executive director of SEAA.

“Shelby Erectors, Inc. is thrilled to be a new SEAA/NCCER Ironworker Craft Training Center and Assessment Site," said Jennifer Nix, president.

Shelby Erectors’ training program is unique in that it focuses on the skills specific to reinforcing-steel construction for cast-in-place concrete structures. It is the first reinforcing-steel erector to participate in the program; other companies are structural-steel erectors.

"The SEAA/NCCER Ironworker Craft Training Program will encourage our employees to better themselves in our industry and elevate our profession as a whole," said Nix. "We have already had a number of our employees eager to start the training."

Nix added that employees see the direct benefits it affords them, and that greater knowledge and skill mean opportunities to advance within Shelby Erectors and to earn more money. "For us as their employer, it means offering our customers a professional workforce that is safe and productive," she said.

Other companies currently participating in the program include: Atlas Manufacturing (Washington, D.C.), Cooper Steel (TN), Eastern Erectors (LA), Garrison Steel (AL), S&R Enterprises (FL and PA), Schulz Ironworks (NC), Steel Fab (PA), and Trident CC (SC). Scheduled to begin the process this spring is All Things Metal (AZ), a recent new member of the association, and Derr & Isbell Construction (GA), which is coming on board as an Authorized Assessment Site.


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