Slingmax Introduces Cut-Resistant CornerMax Sleeves

The CornerMax Sleeve is the latest sling accessory from Slingmax Rigging Solutions, Aston, Pa. The sleeve is designed to protect synthetic slings from cutting when it is not practical to use a CornerMax Pad, whether due to curvature of the load edge or repetitive uses such as unloading steel coils. With the use of the CornerMax Sleeve, it's feasible to use synthetic slings in applications previously dominated by heavy chain, mesh, and wire rope slings.

The CornerMax Sleeve has been shown to be extremely cut resistant in independent field and laboratory testing and in jobsite demonstrations lasting several hundred lifts. The sleeve can slide around the rigging for best positioning or it can be fixed in place on a Twin-Path Extra Sling.

In other news, Slingmax can now conduct sling testing to 600 tons using a high load cylinder with six-foot ram. The 103-foot test machine can accommodate up to an 83-foot long sling. Custom adapters measuring 16 inches wide are also available for wider round sling testing.

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