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Smoothy Polyurethane Tires Designed to Increase Lift Truck Productivity

The Raymond Corp., Greene, N.Y., now offers the Smoothy line of polyurethane tires for electric lift trucks. These tires are designed to handle the higher speeds of AC lift trucks, reducing the heat buildup in the tires and eliminating internal flexing that can lead to deformities or cracks.

Industry standards allow tires to be up to 0.062 inches out of round. The Smoothy tire is manufactured using a patented process that keeps it within 0.005 inches of round, so the lift truck runs more smoothly. As a result, the smooth ride increases operator comfort and decreases truck vibrations that lead to error codes.

“The Smoothy line of tires offers more load stability and subsequently less product damage or loss,” John Perun, director of aftermarket sales and marketing, said. “The increased ride quality also gives order-picker operators greater confidence when the platform is raised, increasing operator productivity.”


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