Snorkel: Inspect Lower Lift Cylinder Pin on All ATB60 and AB60J Lifts | Construction News

Snorkel has issued a safety-related technical bulletin for all ATB60 and AB60J articulated boom models manufactured from 1990 to current.

The bulletin requires the inspection of the lower lift cylinder pin for corrosion, cracks or abnormal wear. 

This bulletin initiates a mandatory inspection, initial replacement of the pin if in excess of 8 years in service from the time the lift was manufactured and subsequent replacement of the pin every 8 years thereafter.

The date of manufacture can be found on the machine serial placard.

Snorkel recommends all pins be immediately inspected and if required, replaced. Thereafter, the pins will need to be inspected every 90 days or 150 hours, whichever comes first.

The bulletin detailing the inspection procedure, along with the proper procedure to remove and reinstall any pins showing abnormalities can be accessed here:

Machine owners should refer to the service bulletin in the first instance. Any questions relating to this bulletin should be directed to Snorkel product support – local contact details can be found at the end of the bulletin and also at


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