Sponsors Join to Recognize Top Trainer Awards Program

Before summer comes to a close, take a moment to nominate a crane or rigging trainer for the 2012 Top Trainer awards program. August 31 is the last day to submit an entry for Crane & Rigging Hot Line’s annual recognition, which is endorsed by the Association of Crane & Rigging Professionals (ACRP).


Nominations to date come from many walks of life, including crane rental companies, heavy industrial facilities, manufacturers, and rigging suppliers, to name a few. The contest is open to anyone engaged in safety education, risk management, or training as it pertains to crane and rigging activities.


Crane & Rigging Hot Line is pleased to announce two additional sponsors of the 2012 program. Slingmax Rigging Products and Rigging Institute will participate as a Gold Sponsor and Terex Cranes has signed on as a Silver Sponsor.


As an innovator and manufacturer of high performance synthetic slings, such as Twin-Path®, Slingmax actively promotes the benefits of rigging training offered by many of its dealers. In addition, it supports technical and safety education available from leading industry organizations, such as ACRP, AWRF, Cordage Institute, Rigging Institute, and SC&RA.


The Slingmax organization consists of a worldwide team of 45 rigging fabrication locations and more than 80 sales branches. The company also provides training and rigging accessories, including protection for slings and loads. According to the company, Slingmax offers its customers safety, quality, durability and the lowest true ‘cost of use’ in innovative rigging equipment.


According to Ron DeFeo, chairman and CEO of Terex Corp., “There are six values that make up the Terex Way: Integrity, Respect, Improvement, Servant Leadership, Courage, and Citizenship. In my view, if we live the values articulated above we will have tremendous success with our customers, suppliers, and eventually our investors.”


Terex Cranes offers a full range of mobile, crawler, and tower cranes. Training for its products are available in Wilmington, N.C., in Germany, and via E-learning. Courses are developed to help technicians become more efficient at their jobs and to keep equipment downtime to minimum.


The following companies will be recognizing the industry’s best Corporate and Professional trainers.



The Crosby Group




Manitowoc Cranes





Industrial Training Institute

Altec Sentry

Terex Cranes



Columbus McKinnon Corporation

Stephenson Equipment Inc.


First Sling Technology

Southwest Industrial Rigging