Strong Man Set to Prepare Construction Industry for Tough Winter

To keep construction crews working, Strong Man Safety Products is ramping up production of their heaviest fire retardant tarps that keep heat in and weather out to prepare for what is supposed to be a rough winter season.

“Time is money in construction,” notes Jay Kinder president of Strong Man. “Construction companies can’t afford weather delays.  Construction professionals demand products that go up and stay up in all types of weather.  Our customers count on us to keep them working no matter what Mother Nature throws our way.”

The forecasted winter blast comes at a time when the construction industry is entering the season on a high note. Construction spending hitting a four-year high in July and construction employment increased in 26 states between July and August (Associated General Contractors of America).

Whether the forecasted winter blast materializes remains to be seen, but smart companies are readying themselves for the possibility.

“It’s the nature of the industry,” says Kinder. “Work can’t stop just because it’s cold.”sup


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