Sun Power Offers Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Unit

Carmel, Ind.-based Sun Power Technologies, a leader in battery-powered air conditioning equipment technologies, has launched the Sunspot 3600 DC air conditioner. The Sunspot 3600 delivers 3600 Btu per hour of cooling capacity and an optional 400 watts per hour of heating capacity with the lowest current draw available in the market. The system uses dual 300 CFM fans, delivering optimal airflow and recirculation. The Sunspot 3600 has been installed and tested by fleet managers of forklifts, cranes, electric vehicles and more. It is also great fit for material handling equipment.

The airhandler is equipped standard with three 2-inch discharge vents and offers an optional 2-inch flange kit for attaching hoses. Unlike other systems, the Sunspot 3600’s patented technology requires no idling for system operations.

The system is available in 12, 24, 36, 48 and 72 VDC and fits standard SAE service ports. The Sunspot 3600 also boasts an Eco Friendly R134A Refrigerant. All of Sun Power Technologies systems utilize green technologies and the company is an EPA SmartWay Partner.

“Green technologies are here to stay,” said Roger Fox, vice-president of Sun Power Technologies. “As veterans in the industry, we knew the development of a quality green heating and cooling system would be a necessity. As more of our customers transition to green powered and electric vehicles, traditional systems will be replaced with better, eco-friendly solutions. We engineered The Sunspot 3600 to be the answer for no-emission heating and cooling.”



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