Sunbelt Teams Up with Manufacturer to Develop Harness

Sunbelt Rentals, Fort Mill, S.C., and Web Devices, Houston, Texas, have teamed up to develop a new driver's harness for the rental company.

Jeff Stachowiak, national safety manager for Sunbelt Rentals, wanted a safety harness his drivers would not have to take on and off. The new fluorescent green reflective vest harness/lanyard was designed specifically for Sunbelt drivers. The new harness has an adjustable lanyard, which can be shortened to the shortest length of about 4 feet • now a Sunbelt requirement. This keeps the driver in the basket should he experience a catapulting event. The shorter length makes the lanyard more manageable and also eliminates a tripping hazard.

The lightweight reflective vest slips on like a jacket and is complete with a Sunbelt logo patch. The new easy-to-open, double-locking, pincer-style snap-hook meets ANSI Z-359 standards. The snap-hook opens from front instead of the bottom and is designed to be easily actuated with a gloved hand. When not in use, the hook can be clipped to a conveniently located loop on the front of the vest. The harness features quick-connect leg straps for the user's convenience. Once the leg straps are adjusted, the harness is fast and easy to get into.

The lanyard is connected directly to the harness, eliminating the additional D-ring and snap-hook at the back, reducing weight and doing away with the lump in the user's back when he sits. The back lanyard attachment point has also been lengthened, preventing the energy-absorbing pack from poking the wearer in the back, allowing the driver to wear the harness all day without discomfort.

The harness/lanyard is currently available from Web Devices, 800/262-4891.