Systems Material Handling Offers Clean and Green Dry Cell Batteries

Systems Material Handling, Olathe, Kan., now offers the Discover EV Traction dry cell batteries, which are designed for tough applications and repeated deep discharging. Featuring valve-regulated lead acid construction, the EV Traction Dry Cell industrial battery is a maintenance free, non-hazardous alternative for floor machines, electric vehicles, aerial work platforms, and material-handling equipment.

According to SMH, the innovative technology was developed to provide increased safety, performance, and durability. Additionally, the company said these maintenance-free batteries offer a lower total cost of ownership when compared to conventional wet or gel cell batteries over the life of the unit.

The EV Traction Dry Cell battery is “clean and green.” It is 98 percent recyclable and designed to conserve resources, improve safety, and reduce waste. The non-hazardous battery is completely exempt from HAZMAT shipping requirements, making spill-related injuries and corrosion damage to equipment and work areas a thing of the past.

Performance-wise, the company said the EV Traction Dry Cell battery is designed for longer run times, long-duration discharges, shorter charging times, and increased charge retention. The higher active material to acid ratio provides longer battery life than standard flooded technology and increased performance within standard footprints, it reported.


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