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Tadano Faun Selects Altair HyperWorks Computer-Aided Engineering Tools

Altair Engineering Inc., Troy, Mich., announced that the German development department of the Tadano Faun Group has selected the HyperWorks suite of computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools to develop and optimize the design of its cranes. Faun will use the entire suite of products, including HyperMesh RADIOSS, HyperView and OptiStruct, for its product development process across the company.

"We were looking for ways to integrate our development and calculation efforts better into the overall design and construction process of our company," said Andreas Hofmann, head of the calculation, statics and structural analysis department at Faun Germany. "With HyperWorks we expect our design and simulation departments to grow closer together and to improve the entire development process by being faster and able to better exchange models and data files.”

Hoffman said HyperWorks’ open architecture helps to streamline the company’s CAE process. “At this point, we have implemented the entire finite element analysis process and will now be looking at using OptiStruct for structural optimization, exploring weight potentials. By the end of the year the development department plans to be only working within HyperWorks for all calculation tasks and the entire virtual development process,” he added.

In addition to gaining the technical advantages that HyperWorks offers, Faun also has found cost benefits by relying on the HyperWorks licensing system, which offers access to all HyperWorks tools and third-party provider tools included in the HyperWorks Partner Alliance (HWPA).

"One of the reasons we chose HyperWorks is the flexible licensing system Altair offers," said Hofmann. "We don't have to buy one tool now and another for a different type of simulation later. With the HyperWorks licensing system we have access to the entire HyperWorks suite and possibly also to third-party products. For example, we could conduct noise, vibration and harshness analysis using specialized third-party vendor software through the HWPA, whenever we need it, at no additional costs. We are also very pleased with the technical support from Altair.”

Dr. Detlef Schneider, managing director for Altair Germany, said his company is pleased that Faun has chosen Altair HyperWorks. "The heavy-vehicle industry faces challenges that can be perfectly addressed using HyperWorks and the Altair services offerings. The advanced simulation and optimization technologies offered in the HyperWorks suite allow Faun to leverage weight and material-saving potentials. The integrated development process will lead to better and lighter products in a shorter time, helping companies like Faun to stay competitive and to be even more successful in a growing global market."


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