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Tadano Mantis 6010 Crane Approved to Work in New York City | Construction News

Tadano Mantis 6010 Crane Approved to Work in New York City | Construction News

The Tadano Mantis Model 6010 telescopic-boom crawler crane has been approved to work in New York City.

Ed Hisrich, vice president of sales and customer support for Tadano Mantis reports that the Cranes & Derricks Division of the New York City Dept. of Buildings has approved the 30-ton-capacity crane for use with its full load chart.

The Model 6010 is the fourth Tadano Mantis telescopic-boom crawler crane to be approved for use in New York. The others are the 70-ton Model 14010, the 77-ton Model 15010, and the 100-ton Model 20010.

The Tadano Mantis 6010 features a three-section, full-power 80-ft. telescopic boom and a 20- to 40-ft. bi-fold jib. It can pick, carry, and swing 360° with any rated load, and is equipped with a Tadano AML-C capacity indicator. It also has winch and rear-view video monitoring, as well as three remote-controlled work lights.

The Cummins QSB 6.7 diesel engine delivers 173 hp, and the two-speed travel motors let the 6010 travel at up to 2.6 mph or climb a 53% grade. Its unladen ground pressure is 6.5 psi when equipped with the standard 30-in.-wide crawler pads.

The complete crane weighs 62,820 lbs., including 11,500 lbs. of removable counterweight, so it can be transported in one truckload. Its overall width with  standard 30-in. track pads is just 10'2". The overall width can be reduced to 8'6" by using 18-in.-wide track pads in place of the standard pads.

The tracks come equipped with grouser bars for traction on rough or soggy terrain, but optional clamp-on polyurethane track pads are available for operation on paved or improved surfaces.

The machine's cab-top height of 9’6” allows access in low headroom areas.

Tadano Mantis is represented in New York City by its Syracuse-based dealer, Empire Crane Company.


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