Taylor Introduces TXB Series

Taylor Machine Works, Louisville, Miss., recently introduced the TXB Series which has been designed and built to meet the needs of customers that have rough yard applications. The TXB Series includes 4 models rated at 24-in. load centers on three wheelbases ranging from 110–140 in., with capacities ranging from 18,000–30,000 lbs.

The machines have a heavy-duty planetary axle bolted to the chassis with hypoid ring gear and pinion. Power is provided by a Tier-certified 6-cylinder 160-horsepower electronic turbocharged, charge air after-cooled diesel. Completing the power train is a three-speed, fully reversing, modulated powershift transmission with inching, and standard automatic powershift control.

The TXB Series incorporates the features of the entire TX Series to enhance service accessibility, componentry performance, operator performance, and productivity. The all-welded steel chassis can stand up to the most demanding tasks. Large capacity fuel and hydraulic tanks are integrated into the chassis. A rugged, light weight rolling engine hood, swing-away side doors, easily accessible battery box, and easy hydraulic tank access assure rapid and easy access for routine and special maintenance. The electrical junction box is conveniently mounted under the cab with reset breakers and sealed electrical connectors. All wiring is color and number coded.

The standard Taylor Integrated Control System (TICS) uses J1939 CANbus technology. Hard-wiring needs are reduced and access to controls and performance data has been significantly expanded. An instrument panel mounted control monitor displays standard operating data and replaces analog gauges and meters. Many operational functions and capabilities are defined and adjusted through the TICS system. Information related to performance and maintenance needs, electronic diagnostic functions including fault code history, and built-in shutdown system for engine and transmission protection are additional resources available through TICS.

The standard cab includes many ergonomically designed features to increase operator performance and operational ease thereby providing enhanced productivity. Interior room in the cab has been expanded. The standard adjustable vinyl air suspension seat can be readily positioned for maximum operator comfort. It can rotate (15 degrees left and 20 degrees right) and includes arm rests, an orange anti-cinch seat belt, and operator presence switch. The standard electric joystick control provides fingertip control for smooth, precise handling; joystick components can be serviced separately. The two cab doors include sliding glass panels. All glass is tinted, and front and rear windshield wipers are standard. The instrument panel on the T-shaped dash tilts down for access. Reset circuit breakers are used instead of fuses. The tilting steering wheel makes electric shift control and parking brake easily accessible. Three point ingress-egress is standard along with self cleaning, anti-slip steps.

The rugged ULTRA-VU mast offers excellent visibility with lift chains hidden within mast rails. Lowering control is pressure compensated and a manual emergency lowering valve system is standard. The heavy-duty carriage features cast nylon side-thrust pads and greaseable shielded main rollers. Pin mounted forks provide full width adjustment.

The hydraulic system features a newly designed main hydraulic valve with gear-type pumps and sectional control valves. Manual override controls are provided on hydraulic accessory sections. The innovative cooling system includes a three-section bolted radiator, four coolers, high performance 7-blade pusher fan, and engine-mounted sealed fan shroud for maximum air flow through the coolers.

Additional information about the TXB Series is available from Taylor Machine Works.