Taylor Reach Stacker Provides Maintenance Savings

Taylor Machine Works, Louisville, Miss., has added the TS-9972 reach stacker to its product lineup. CEO Lex Taylor noted that the TS-9972 is unique in that after discussion with customers, the series has a 1 million cycle lifetime. “This means a maintenance savings to the customer over the life of the reach stacker,” he said.

The TS-9972 unit is able to stack 9.5 foot containers up to 99,000 pounds four high in the first row. At the fifth position in the first row, capacity is 90,400 pounds. Second row capacity is 72,000 pounds up to four high. In the third row, containers weighing up to 32,500 pounds can be stacked three high.

The TS-9972 reach stacker features a newly designed telescopic spreader attachment that can be hydraulically adjusted to handle containers with 20- and 40-foot ISO twistlock placement. This spreader attachment includes hydraulic sideshift and slew, as well as mechanical pile slope adjustments. Twin hydraulic motors and brakes enable 95° counter-clockwise and 185° clock-wise rotation and allow for much improved torque control and system redundancy. These unique design features separate control of the spreader cylinders, giving the operator greater maneuverability, which results in quicker lift cycles. This design also allows easy access to hydraulic cylinders, valves, hoses, and electrical components, allowing for quicker preventative maintenance and service diagnostics. No components are hidden within the attachment structure. Wear pads also are easily accessed from the outside.

The telescopic boom, which is constructed from high-strength steel, is designed to provide the fatigue resistance necessary for heavy-duty reach stacker operations. Oversized wear pads, rotate bearings and gearings, as well as full penetration welds, ensure extended service life. A load moment indicator, in conjunction with accurate laser technology to read boom precise position, replaces previous technologies and is standard in the TS-9972 series. Also a boom angle and boom extension indicator are part of the electronic system and control precise vertical lift in one single joystick movement.

Taylor’s TS-9972 Series reach stackers are powered by a Cummins 335-hp electronic, turbocharged aftercooled, Tier III certified diesel engine. Other features of this series include a four-speed electronic, full reversing, modulated transmission with a standard automatic powershift control; a high-stability, wide-stance planetary drive axle bolted to the frame and a single-cylinder design steer axle, with fully sealed wheel bearings that do not require adjusting.

A 24-volt electrical system, equipped with the TICS (Taylor Integrated Control System) is standard, providing a safe, reliable, and very simplistic operation in any application. TICS utilizes J1939 CANbus technology for accurate control and diagnostics and for operator convenience, data is clearly displayed on a dash-mounted full-color display screen. Adjustments to the TICS system can be made in the field by local, trained service personnel. This is a major benefit for the smooth operation and reliability of the TS-9972.

The all-steel, welded cab can be hydraulically moved forward or backward for easy access to engine, transmission, radiator and pumps, allowing for quicker maintenance checks. This results in minimal downtime. Oversized windows and a T-shaped dashboard, provide excellent visibility for the operator. A low-effort joystick which is mounted on a large and easily adjustable armrest, provides easy control of lift/lower, boom-in/boom-out, attachment rotation and twistlock operation functions. These ergonomic advantages provide a more comfortable, stress free environment, allowing the operator to concentrate on the task at hand.


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