TeleNav Tracks Mobile Assets

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based TeleNav Inc., offers the TeleNav Asset Tracker in its Mobile Resource Management (MRM) product line.

TeleNav Asset Tracker is a small, battery-powered GPS tracker that can be placed on vehicles, trailers, tractors or heavy equipment to monitor their locations. Using any PC and an internet browser, organizations can log into a password-protected website and view the exact position of all mobile assets, updated each hour. The product can also be customized to send an alert as soon as an asset moves from its current location.

“It can be difficult for organizations with large fleets or equipment yards to keep track of their assets,” said HP Jin, TeleNav president, CEO and co-founder. “TeleNav Asset Tracker is an affordable, easy-to-use product that gives companies peace of mind knowing where every vehicle or piece of equipment is located. Our goal with this product is to not only help these companies improve operations efficiency but also asset security.”

TeleNav Asset Tracker is available for a one-time cost of $199.99 per device, along with a $19.99 monthly fee for the web-based tracking feature. Companies also pay a one-time setup fee of and need to have a Sprint Data Access Plan.

The company also offers TeleNav Track, comprehensive software available for managing mobile workforce and assets, offering fully integrated workforce management, GPS tracking and navigation capabilities. It brings together the latest advances in GPS, mobile and web technologies and integrates with back-office applications to deliver powerful productivity enhancements. TeleNav Track also helps control costs and manage risk. Every organization with a mobile workforce benefits from the ability to see workers, vehicles and other equipment in the field; push back-office information to the field; automate field data capture; and free employees from wasteful and frustrating paperwork.

TeleNav Vehicle Tracker is a GPS-enabled “black box,” which is hard-wired or embedded onto a vehicle battery, provides companies of all sizes a hassle-free method for monitoring and managing their fleets. Once installed, this tamper-resistant solution remains powered and active without requiring any additional interaction. Through a password secured website, business managers can obtain real-time vehicle locations, historical reporting to help analyze past fleet performance, geo-fencing and mileage/location alerts.

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