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Terex AWP Launches Genie Lift Pro Elevated Work Platform Training | Daily Construction News

Terex AWP Launches Genie Lift Pro Elevated Work Platform Training | Daily Construction News


Terex AWP has launched Genie Lift Pro, a new program that combines online and hands-on training to produce qualified aerial work platform operators. The new training program covers four types of aerial access equipment, and applies to most brands and models.

Unveiled at the American Rental Association’s The Rental Show, Genie Lift Pro replaces the traditional classroom portion of operator training with online learning that a student can complete at his or her own pace, anytime day or night, on any internet-connected computer. The interactive online training uses video, graphics, and narration that make learning easier.

Genie Lift Pro’s online training consists of a number of segments, each followed by a quiz. At the end of the entire online training, the trainee must correctly answer all 30 questions on the final exam. A wrong answer will link the user back to the related training section. After reviewing the information, the trainee will have another opportunity to answer the related question on the final exam.

Genie director of marketing Jeff Weido says the online part of the training usually takes about three hours to complete, and that a trainee can stop at any point, then start up again as his or her schedule allows. Weido says the online general training can be done in a trainee’s home, in a trailer on a jobsite, or any other convenient place.

After a student has completed Genie Lift Pro’s online general training, he or she will attend hands-on training at an approved dealer, rental center, or jobsite. The hands-on instruction includes operating various kinds of access equipment and proving competence to a qualified instructor.

Students who complete both the online general training and the hands-on training will receive a Lift Pro aerial access card verifying that they’ve received the instruction to be a qualified aerial work platform operator.

Genie Lift Pro training meets the ANSI, OSHA, and CSA requirements for certified aerial work platform operators.

The training can be purchased from an authorized Lift Pro Training Center, located across North America.


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