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TESlite Voltmeter Leads Help Electrical Troubleshooting

Durham, N.C.-based brighterIDEAS owner and TESlite Voltmeter Lead inventor Dan Sullivan announced that the SteadyPin invention pioneered by his company is being made available to all companies that manufacture voltmeters, voltmeter leads, and other nonpiercing electrical probes • without cost.

TESlite Voltmeter Leads are an OEM/manufacturer-approved tool that can locate corrosion in wiring with a digital voltmeter. Rather than a typical pointed meter probe, SteadyPin tips have a small recess in the tip that allows the lead to sit firmly on a male ECM or connector pin. The design is small enough to fit in most female receptacles. Traditional pointed probes fail to give an effective connection to mail connector and ECM pins and create difficulties in completing manufacturer specified voltmeter tests.

The SteadyPin system was the product of many years of frustration caused by meter probes that failed to provide the type of connection needed by equipment and truck technicians. All TESlite Voltmeter Leads currently in production contain the feature.

A patent application was prepared and was in the process of being filed, but the current difficulty TESlite Voltmeter Leads are having breaking into the market makes pursuing the patent impossible.

TESlite Voltmeter Leads were patented in the U.S. and Europe in 2005 and 2007 respectively, and have been adopted by Caterpillar, Volvo and UPS as required tools. They are also in use at over 3,000 locations worldwide, and are in the hands of technicians who are at the dealer locations and garages of all major manufacturers of trucks and equipment.

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