Teupen America Sells First 120-Foot Spider Lift in United States

Reading, Mass.-based Teupen America has announced the sale of its first 120-foot LEO 36T high-reach boom lift in the United States. Acquired by DJ Snyder Crane and Lift Rental Service, Newtonville, Mass., the LEO 36T weighs in at 10,540 pounds and measures 5'2”x27'0”x6'5” when stowed.

Heralded as a versatile lift capable of working indoors and outdoors, the LEO 36T can climb steps, enter a standard doorway, drive and set-up on delicate floors inside, and run on 110V. For outdoor building maintenance and construction, the LEO 36T can travel on lawns without causing damage, as well as drive through mud and snow.

Equipped with oversized, self-leveling outriggers, the lift will automatically set up on slopes up to a 30% incline and remains level. Those same outriggers allow the LEO 36T to self-load onto an under CDL chassis, where it also can operate as a truck-mounted aerial lift.

For more information, visit www.teupenamerica.com.