Teupen Launches Economy LEO Model for North America

Teupen USA, Charlotte, N.C., has introduced the LEO 13GT compact track-mounted aerial lift to the North American market. This model has been designed to benefit specific height and access requirements of the facility maintenance and cleaning industry, and it also appeals to rental companies and contractors that have been hesitant to add track-mounted aerials to their fleets.

For maintenance and cleaning jobs as low as 12 feet, using the LEO 13GT access platform improves time, cost efficiency, and work safety. With compact dimensions and low machine weight, this lift can easily access almost every confined space and hard-to-reach jobsite. In the travel position, the LEO 13GT measures 30 inches wide, 78 inches high, and weighs only 3,087 pounds. Forklift points at the side are provided, making the machine easy to handle for transport.


Featuring a 35'5" platform height, the LEO 13GT is promoted as an economy model with fewer features than other Teupen models to keep costs low. However, operator safety, ease of use, and technical innovation are maintained. Operators can drive and work the machine from inside the basket or use the detachable remote control, walking alongside for maneuvering or loading.


The primary source of power is a 115-volt electric motor. Alternatively, any standard power generator can be easily mounted on a hinged tray. The two-person basket with 441 pounds of capacity can operate within a working envelope that includes the full 20 feet of side-reach capacity. The hexagonal design of the basket is unique to the industry and makes positioning alongside walls and corners easy by eliminating the need to rotate the basket.


A particular feature of the boom design is the ability of the upper boom to be raised vertically before the lower section is raised. Specific to this model, Teupen uses anodized aluminum booms rather than dip coated. The track chassis and hydraulic cylinders are treated using a specialized electro-coating process.  Another feature of the LEO 13GT is the outrigger system, which features automatic leveling as a standard feature and can be used on terrain slopes up to 13 percent.

Manufactured using a cost-effective batch production method, Teupen offers the LEO13GT for $44,900 as an entrance model to the spider-type lift segment. Because it can reach jobsites that were formerly inaccessible, opening the door to fields outside the traditional construction rental sector by adding rental customers in the building maintenance and cleaning industries.