Texas Company Serves Wind Farms with North America’s Tallest AWP

When you rent the tallest aerial work platforms in North America, capable of reaching 295 feet in the air and used on wind farms and other high-reach overhead applications, you already offer something unique. But TGM Wind Services of Abilene, Texas, has gone one step further—not only do they own two of the record-setting Bronto Skylift Model S 90 HLA high-level articulated truck-mounted aerials, they also provide service support that is not available anywhere in the industry.

When a company rents or leases a high-reach aerial from TGM, the machine comes with a unique “total support package.” In addition to the Bronto aerial’s being delivered directly to a customer’s worksite, TGM also sends a support vehicle towing a 32-foot gooseneck trailer, and a minimum of two certified operators. Additional personnel are hired from TGM if the need dictates. The Bronto aerials are fully equipped with an 11,000V deck-mounted generator that provides 110V power to the platform and 220V on the deck, plus hydraulic, air and water outlets on the platform to operate tools of all types. Everything is included in the agreed-upon rental or lease price.

This reduces the customers’ liability and eliminates problems, as TGM assumes total responsibility for the operation of the equipment while on site. They provide the necessary insurance and required certification to transport and use the equipment, plus fuel and other supplies to operate and maintain it. If downtime occurs due to required service or maintenance, TGM will give the customer full credit for the delay.

The trailer towed behind the TGM service vehicle is a major part of the total service approach that TGM has taken to support their commitment to customers. The 32-foot enclosed trailer that accompanies each Bronto S 90 HLA rental has a 16-foot cargo storage area to carry all support equipment that TGM furnishes, including compressors, generators and water tanks, plus spare parts and tools needed to service the Bronto machine. A separate secure area in the trailer is dedicated for customer storage. In addition to the storage areas, a unique feature of the trailer is that it incorporates an 8’ x 8’ mobile office with heating, air conditioning and a bathroom.

The trailer also features a built-in 7000-watt generator with multiple 110V outlets throughout the office and storage areas, as well as two GFI plugs on the exterior.

With each rental or lease, TGM provides a minimum of two certified operators, one to operate the platform in the air and help perform work from the platform, and the other to operate ground controls and monitor operations. Both operators are in constant contact via a voice intercom system between the platform and the ground control station.

For added safety and to better oversee operations, the ground operator can access a built-in camera monitoring system in the platform to view what is happening overhead. This system continuously records video and has DVR capabilities that allow it to freeze an image or rewind video without interrupting real-time recording. This allows ground personnel time to analyze recorded data or respond to any emergency.